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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Unrest is mounting in the ranks

I hear that unrest is mounting in the ranks, following promo shots, more interviews of David Kemper, and episode spoilers. Having been through all of it with Buffy, Angel, and on the sidelines of many other fandoms, I am quite comfortably ensconced in my unspoiled status [although I have seen some of the promo pics, and know a tiny little bit about 401]. I like my entertainment, if not rational, or even completely sane, then at least-- reasonable. Yes. That's a good word. I want to be able to reason with my fandom.

I can only imagine what Kemper has been saying to provoke the fury of fans predictably protective of their characters, their relationships and their universe. I'd guess something along the lines of, "We're going to throw you into the deep end of the pool from the start without a buoy, we're not going to give you any of what you want, and you're going to damn well like it, even if John screws what's-her-name and Commandant Cleavage by episode two. It'll be like nothing you've seen before, you won't know what's happening, but it's going to rock, So Be Grateful." How do I love that man's ego -- let me count the ways.

I've had four months of anticipation going in fifty thousand directions, and I want it to coalesce, now, into something new, although not something definitive. I can see Farscape stretching cliffhangers for a long, long time, distributing answers sparsely and at great cost. Unpractical for casual viewers, but it so happens that I -- being me -- don't care about them. It'll be loud, wide, painful as hell, colorful and messy, because cast and crew, like most creative people, should be growing restless right about now. After three years, it's around the right time for that, yes. These things have cycles and rules.

I have this idea about time-travel and Earth - Anyway.

All this to say that I am going to be bad, again, and get my hands on the uncut episodes. Online, probably. Tapes would be good, but I don't know how practical that is. Both would be ideal.

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